Taking care of life-giving umbilical cord cells

As you prepare to welcome new life, thank you for considering Biovault Family to take care of your baby’s life-giving umbilical stem cells. We promise you the expertise of biologists, the security of a vault and the shelter of a family.

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What are umbilical cord stem cells and why should we bank them?

The stem cells in your baby’s umbilical cord have an extraordinary power to heal. When lives are touched by disease or injury these parent cells can restore health. We are passionate and rigorous in our protection of the cells in our care because we know they save lives. 

What's different about Biovault Family?

Above all, we are ethical. As parents and scientists we understand what it means to take care of cells that could save your child’s life. We put the well-being of people before profit and use our expertise and experience to contribute to next-generation medical innovations. Working on a daily basis with NHS transplant nurses, we aspire to make newborn stem cell storage accessible to every family.

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Ethical Cord Blood Banking from Biovaulf Family

Our Services

Private Cord Blood Banking

Biovault Family offers personalised cord blood and tissue processing and storage services to parents who wish to bank their babies' umbilical cord stem cells.

There is a choice between two packages. The first includes cord blood processing & storage as a stand-alone service. The second, and our most popular package, includes cord blood processing and storage together with umbilical tissue banking.

When parents choose to bank with us they can choose a fully inclusive package, with a choice of cell storage guaranteed for either 25 or 50 years. This promise is unique in the UK where we are the only storage bank to offer inclusive storage options and leads to overall savings of up to 37%.

We are committed to doing everything we possibly can to help the parents who bank with us, whatever the future holds.

If you are interested in discussing the packages available or are wanting a more bespoke offering, then please get in touch with our customer care team.

Proven success

Processing, storing and releasing cord blood since 2004.

NHS Partnership

Releasing stem cells for NHS transplants every week.

Highly accredited

Actively seeking out the highest global standards.

UK-based Lab

Equipped with today’s most advanced cellular technology.

No annual fees option

Upfront, honest and Escrow protected.

Insurance plan available

Making overseas stem cell therapy affordable.