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Krabbe disease, Kenan Spencer and Natasha Spencer, Illinois

Kenan’s Story: Krabbe Disease

News that Illinois babies will “finally” be screened for Krabbe disease has been received with delight and relief all over the world. Krabbe disease can be treated with cord blood, but is rarely diagnosed in time for treatment to be effective. For Natasha Spencer, mother of Krabbe disease sufferer...

Lucy Hinchion, Cord Blood infusion for Type 1 Diabetes

Cord blood used to ‘switch off’ type 1 diabetes

Australian toddler Lucy Hinchion is already a medical pioneer. Aged just 20 months, Lucy became the youngest ever recipient of an infusion of her own umbilical cord blood cells to “switch off” type 1 diabetes. How can cord blood treat type 1 diabetes? Cord blood is rich in regulatory...

Dr Joanne Kurtzberg Apraxia Cord Blood

Is cord blood banking worth the cost?

Cord Blood banking has become an important part of birth planning. There are now over 4 Million cord blood samples held in storage in 500 cord blood banks across the world, and these are increasing by 250,000 a year. But why are parents choosing to pay thousands of pounds to...