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cord blood banking no annual fees

Why Biovault Family Don’t Charge Annual Fees for Cord Blood Banking

Have you ever noticed how annual fees drain your finances when you’re not looking? It isn’t a nice feeling. Most of our team here at Biovault Family are parents and we know that when your eye is on your baby, toddler (or teenager for that matter) there isn’t always...


Wyatt’s Story: Cord blood transplant puts four year old “on the road to recovery”

“Honestly, when Wyatt was born, we didn’t know if he would live four days,” Wyatt’s mum, Amanda Hanley, told the Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas where her son was treated, “and now he’s 4 years old,” The world’s rarest illness? Wyatt was born fighting for his life due to...

child safety risky play

Child Safety and Risky Play

Child safety: a tricky balance Second only to cancer, accidental injuries are one of the UK’s biggest threats to children’s lives. “Accidents can be prevented” is the message of the organisers of this week’s Child Safety Week, “but there’s a balance to be struck. Children need to experiment, play and...