In 2017, Jenson’s local paper, the Warrington Guardian reported that the Penketh South Primary pupil Jenson Wright was in remission after undergoing a pioneering stem cell transplant using an umbilical cord from a donor in Texas.

His mum, Carolyn told the paper, “It was amazing because that was really the only chance he had – we would have been in turmoil if it hadn’t worked. The fight isn’t over yet. The longer he is in remission, the better it is, there are still a lot of challenges we will face.”

Fundraisers took place across the town in December to support Jenson, with a Christmas jumper day in his honour.

The cast of I’m a Celebrity also sent their best wishes and Jenson was thrilled to be visited by his favourite footballers Jesse Lingard and Marcus Rashford on the day of his transplant.

How a cord blood transplant works

The procedure involved 21mls of blood being infused into Jenson’s system and Carolyn said: “He has had some side effects – effectively he now has two DNAs and is even a different blood group after the transplant.

“We are really proud, he’s an inspiration. So many people have said to us that he inspires them too. He is so completely determined, most things haven’t fazed him and he’s still cheerful.”

“I don’t know why it’s not an automatic sign up for new mums to donate stem cells from the umbilical cord.”

“We owe his life to another mother across the other side of the world and we are so grateful.”

The road to cancer recovery

Jenson’s stem cell transplant was a great success, the cells began to kill the disease in just five days and, two years on, and Jenson is now fully recovered.

Thrilled Carolyn, told The Sun: “The early stages of the treatment were quite hard to comprehend, and quite difficult for us emotionally.

“Without the transplant we would be in a completely different situation – that saved him.

“We’ll never know who the donor was, but their donation has given life to someone else.”