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About Us

We treat families and their precious cells as we would wish our own loved ones to be treated.
If times get tough, you can depend on us.



Biovault have led the way in human tissue processing and storage since 2002. We have released over 4,000 stem cell samples for transplantation and all have resulted in 100% engraftment. For us, this is the ultimate measure of success.

“When samples are released, you know then and there people are being helped.” (Jade McCoy, Lab. Technician)

Below are just a few examples of conditions successfully treated by stem cells processed and released from our facilities.


Biovault is a centre for stem cell research and development. Our state-of-the-art laboratories and long-standing relationships with Plymouth University and University College London support our stem cell scientists as they develop our understanding of stem cells and how they might be used therapeutically.

We are proud to have been awarded Knowledge Transfer Partnership funding by Innovate UK. Our team are collaborating with University College London to establish a safe, robust, repeatable end-to-end process to produce stem cells for therapeutic use.


We are the South West Peninsula Transplantation Service’s tissue bank. This means that we work in genuine partnership with the NHS, releasing tissue samples on a weekly basis for transplantations that improve the quality of life of patients.

Our unrivalled facilities and expertise allow us to work closely with public and private clinics and hospitals around the world. We have successfully collected and processed cord blood and tissue samples from over 30 different countries, and work collaboratively with partners around the world:

“They share my ethos, know where they are going, are experts in their field and area a pleasure to deal with them. I trust them as an organisation and look forward to continuing our work together.” (Dr Anastasia Alcock, The Prenatal Classroom)

“Europe’s best cord blood bank.” (Carlos Moreno, Biocord Madrid)

    Transplant Centre

    Used to treat

    Haematology and Stem Cell Transplantation Centre, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore     Thalassemia
    Stem Cells and Immunology Department, National Blood Service, Birmingham, UK     Allogeneic transplant (sibling)
    Kinderklinik der TU Munchen, Munchen, Germany     Thalassemia
    Gaslini Institute, Largo Gaslini, Italy     Neuroblastoma
    Duke University Medical Center North Carolina, USA     Cerebral palsy – autologous
    Duke University Medical Center North Carolina, USA     Cerebral palsy – autologous
    Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London, UK     Sickle cell disease
    Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, Surrey, UK     Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (sibling)
    Duke University Medical Center North Carolina, USA     Cerebral palsy – autologous
    Hospital Infantil Universitari Servicio de Transfusión, Madrid, Spain     Cerebral palsy – autologous

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