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Our Facilities

At our cutting-edge facility, we can store over a million human tissue samples in a tightly controlled, secure environment; but we never forget that every sample we process is precious and unique.

“Everything has to be right the first time, every time –
it’s critical to cells that could save a life.” (Sam Hearn, Laboratory Technician)


Your precious cells are in safe hands

The safety of your baby’s umbilical cord stem cells is our highest priority. Our facility is protected around the clock by highly sophisticated fire and security systems and each of our storage vessels is fitted with a computerised temperature-monitoring device.

Biovault’s team of stem cell scientists and laboratory technicians work closely with the NHS

In the event of a disaster

We are prepared for any major incident. All single points of failure have been identified and eliminated so that laboratory processes will not be affected by equipment failure:

  • Our onsite uninterrupted power supply gives us time to complete any critical processes in the event of short-term power failure
  • A mobile generator is available in the event of long-term power failure, and can be connected directly to our power distribution boards
  • Our cryogenic vessels are the latest design and are capable of running without supply for up to two weeks. The liquid nitrogen levels in these vessels can be monitored and re-filled manually, so there is no risk to cord blood and tissue samples




  • Our quality system, records, client and patient data is backed up locally and to a secure remote data recovery centre
  • This centre also provides us with a work area, should our offices become inaccessible. This office space and access to our records means that we can calmly get on with taking care of Biovault Family clients and samples

If you have any other questions or concerns we are very happy to discuss details of our comprehensive risk analysis and Business Continuity Plan.

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