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Our Team

We look after billions of cells that have the potential to save and enhance lives. We don’t take this lightly, as our accreditations and testimonials show. We do it because we care.

Kate Sneddon

Kate Sneddon


Kate joined Biovault in July 2009 and, having held the roles of Operations Director and Technical Director, she became CEO in 2016. Prior to this she studied Microbiology at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. On completion of her degree she joined GlaxoWellcome (now GlaxoSmithKline) as a Graduate Microbiologist on the companies Graduate Development Programme.

After this 2 year Programme, she became Microbiology Team Manager at one of GSKs manufacturing facilities. Kate worked for GSK for 10 years and held a number of positions including Lean Sigma Expert, New Product Project Manager and Value Stream Leader. Kate’s desire to move to the South West drew her to Biovault and a new sector in the healthcare industry. Her experience in Pharmaceutical development and manufacture has allowed her to apply her knowledge to Biovault. Kate lives in Cornwall with her husband and 2 daughters, and makes the most of living in the Wild West!

Ann-Marie Myers

Ann-Marie Myers


Ann-Marie started her career in practice, qualifying as a Certified Accountant in 1996 and preparing accounts for small and medium-sized businesses as well as auditing larger ones.

By 2004, Anne-Marie had held a number of roles up to Assistant Manager at Francis Clark Chartered Accountants and decided to move into industry as the Financial Controller of a local Print and Direct Mail Company.

After 6 years in industry and after gaining valuable experience, she joined Biovault as Financial Controller. Ann-Marie now heads up the finance team as Biovault's CFO and has responsibility for all things financial from controlling the day to day running of the finance function to the contract pricing and proposals.

Ann-Marie lives in Cornwall with her husband and 3 children.

Sam Hearn

Sam Hearn

Office Manager

Sam is responsible for ensuring the security and integrity of cord blood and tissue samples from receipt through to storage.

When a cord blood or tissue sample arrives at Biovault it is labelled and tracked at every stage. Sam's role involves processing cord blood: reducing its volume by removing red blood cells and plasma and refining samples to optimise stem cell numbers. Attention to detail is paramount in the laboratory and as Sam explains, "Everything has to be right first time, every time. It is critical to cells that could save a life."

Sam's role gives him unique insight into the rate of progress in regenerative medicine: "at any point," he says "stem cell treatment could become the norm. The research is ongoing and new discoveries are made all the time."


Nikki Driver

Nikki Driver

Client Advisor

Nikki has been our lead Client Advisor since 2015 and is proud to be much loved by the parents she helps.

Nikki defines her role as: "listening and supporting, not patronising or hard sell. Most of us are parents too and we all care deeply about the potential of each sample to save or enhance a life. "

Our client advisors work alongside our laboratory team, including our stem cell scientists. This gives them a unique insight into cord blood and tissue research and development, as well as a practical appreciation of the logistics of cord blood and tissue collection, processing and storage.

Nikki is able to advise families on all aspects of our service, and is well-informed regarding current and forthcoming stem cell treatments.

Ben Charles

Ben Charles

Quality Manager

As Biovault's Quality Manager, Ben is responsible for our compliance with the highest standards in human tissue storage.

For Ben, as for all of us at Biovault, compliance is not enough. We work on a daily basis with the NHS and understand that every sample in our care could save or enhance the life of someone suffering from cancer or another life-limiting condition: "We go above and beyond the demands of accreditations" Ben says, "and actively seek out higher standards. We want these cells to be usable."

Ben leads our team in working towards the highest industry standards and accreditations in the UK, Europe and Worldwide. Biovault is the only cord blood bank in Europe to be accredited by the AABB and JACIE, something of which we are very proud.

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