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Jo Kingston

Jo joined Biovault Family in 2019 as the Sales Manager. With her Science degree & her passion for the healthcare industry and background in the Pharmaceutical & Biotech industry, Biovault Family was the perfect fit.Jo is enthusiastic about Umbilical Cord Banking and her goal is educating all expecting couples in the UK about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to store their baby’s amazing, healing cord blood & cord tissue being used in over 83 approved treatments including leukaemia, and hundreds of clinical trials throughout the world. Jo didn’t know anything about cord blood banking when her children were born and with her family history with Parkinson’s disease she is dedicated to make sure that no other expecting couple allow their placenta to go in the bin without being aware of this option to store them for their families future medical need. If a couple give birth anywhere else in the world, cord blood banking is commonly known about and discussed with their medical team, Jo’s goal is to ensure this happens in the UK.Jo lives in Devon with her husband and children, where she enjoys spending time at the beach.

Articles by Jo Kingston

What if Biovault Family goes out of business?

How can I be sure my cells would be stored safely if Biovault Family were to cease trading? This is where Biovault Family is different from other companies providing cord blood and cord tissue storage, and unique in the private sector. We know that you are investing in the future of your baby’s and family’s […]

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Courier service and cord blood transportation

How will my child’s umbilical cord blood and tissue sample be transported to the laboratory? Biovault Family use a specialist courier service, and make all necessary arrangements for you – all you need to do is notify us once the sample is ready for collection by the courier.  We dispatch a dedicated driver to you, […]

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Where will my child’s cells be stored?

Some companies store umbilical cord blood samples in two separate locations – why don’t Biovault Family do this? We take the responsibility of ensuring the safety and security of your child’s cord blood sample very seriously.  When your sample is stored with Biovault Family, you can rest assured that it will be processed and cryopreserved […]

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Our cord blood and tissue fees are upfront and honest. Not only do you pay less, but your money is Escrow protected.

Have you ever noticed how annual fees drain your finances when you’re not looking? It isn’t a nice feeling. Most of our team here at Biovault Family are parents and we know that when your eye is on your baby, toddler (or teenager for that matter) there isn’t always time to read every contract and […]

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What happens in the event of a disaster?

Fire, flood, break-in or power-cut. Our quality management systems guarantee that we have everything triple-checked. We make sure we are prepared for any major incident by carrying out a comprehensive risk analysis to ensure that cord blood samples remain as secure as possible and that they remain unaffected by any adverse event.  For this reason […]

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What happens if I move abroad?

Your contract with us is a 25 or 50 year commitment – but that doesn’t mean you’re tied down This is not a problem. If you move abroad to a different country, whether within Europe of anywhere else in the world, just make sure you give us your new contact details. If you ever need […]

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Who controls the use of the preserved cord blood and tissue stem cells?

Does umbilical cord blood and tissue belong to the mother or the baby? The mother, as the child’s guardian, has control over the stem cells, until the child is of legal age. Stem cells will not be released by Biovault without the mother’s consent or the child’s consent, once they reach legal age.

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20 Common Cord Blood Misunderstandings

Cord Blood Myths & Facts by the Cord Blood Association counters conjecture with the evidence that could save lives ‘Cord Blood Myths and Facts’ by the Cord Blood Association (CBA) offers a useful guide to the accuracy of popularly held views about cord blood banking. Through their piece, the CBA hopes to counter some of […]

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What is the difference between a private and public cord blood bank?

Parents can choose to store their child’s cord blood and tissue privately or donate it to a public bank. What’s best for your family? Private cord blood banks store the umbilical cord blood for the donor’s own use. This provides the benefit of being a 100% genetic match for the donor, and a much better […]

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