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Lucy Johnson

Articles by Lucy Johnson

What to put in a baby bag? Your essential guide 

You’re expecting a baby, the big day is approaching fast, and you’re wondering what to put in your baby bag ready for hospital. If you’re planning a home birth it’s just as important to have a baby bag handy just in case you need to go to hospital after all. While it’s tempting to cram […]

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Let’s celebrate – How to plan the perfect baby shower!  

Did you know as many as half of all UK mums-to-be plan a baby shower? The trend kicked off in the USA, now it’s well and truly bedded in over here, too. Traditionally an event where women shared their pregnancy and childbirth wisdom with female friends and family, today’s baby showers are less earnest, more […]

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Our Biovault Family

Nothing is more important than your baby’s health. That’s why more and more people are signing up with Biovault Family to protect their baby’s precious umbilical cord blood. Can you imagine how powerless you feel when your child or another family member is ill or injured, but you can’t help? Now imagine you can help, […]

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Louise Roe on why she chose Biovault Family to bank her daughter’s umbilical cord blood

Louise Roe, a television presenter, model fashion, journalist and influencer, chose to bank her baby daughter Inès’ umbilical cord blood with Biovault Family in May, 2021. Louise is married to Mackenzie Hunkin and the couple have another daughter Honor who was born in 2018. We caught up with Louise to ask her about her experience […]

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The birthing ball – Your best friend before, during and after birth

What is Birthing Ball? It’s a big, squashy plastic ball, not unlike those you see at the gym or use in a yoga lesson. Imagine a Space Hopper and you’ll get the general  idea. So why are they so popular? Birthing balls are amazing for all sorts of reasons before, during and after the birth […]

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Celebrating National Breast Feeding Month

Did you know that almost 68% of women in the UK start breastfeeding, but just 48% carry on for more than 6-8 weeks? At the same time the WHO recommends six full months of breast feeding.  Breast feeding doesn’t always come naturally and many women just can’t manage it for a variety of reasons. If that’s you, there’s […]

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