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In our business we are very fortunate to work with leading professionals who share our passion for ensuring people have access to all the knowledge they need for healthy family lives.

Last year we started working with My Healthcare Clinic, a pioneering healthcare brand, which launched in Wandsworth following a multi-million pound investment in leading health professionals and equipment.
The clinic focuses on preventative health care, which sees its patients undertake a comprehensive medical and dental examination.  From that point, the team at My Healthcare Clinic proactively help clients monitor and manage health to the best levels possible.

From a pregnancy point of view, their care levels are outstanding. They provide a complete service from contemplating having children through to advice on getting back in shape after giving birth.   We are very pleased that cord blood banking with Biovault Family is recommended as part of this comprehensive approach.

Dr Lucie Ormerod explains further: “To us, it is very important that expectant mothers get reassurance and are allowed to enjoy their pregnancy.  Being anxious in pregnancy is of course natural but it could be detrimental for you and your baby so we really focus on supporting as much as possible with a tailored pregnancy plan.”

That plan includes extensive support at both pre and postnatal stages. At the prenatal stage My Healthcare Clinic clients get advice from doctors, dentists, dieticians, fitness experts and physiotherapists.

A comprehensive five scan ultrasound programme is offered as standard.  They begin early at 6-8 weeks; then at 10-12 weeks; a 4D scan at 16-20 weeks; a further 2 scans before birth to keep you fully informed and reassurance scans as required.  An advanced DNA-based blood test for foetal anomalies is also offered as part of the programme.

Although the clinic is a new concept, it has already seen a pilot prenatal group ‘graduate’, which included Sky Sports F1 presenter Natalie Pinkham and voice over artist Gina Mellotte who have both benefitted from the support provided and have publicly endorsed to the approach taken by My Healthcare Clinic.  The clinic also sees a number of private individuals who opt for a tailored individual package.

Dr Joanna Tilley, Technical Director at Biovault Family said: “The service offered by My Healthcare Clinic provides the kind of support that every expectant parent would wish for.  We are very proud to be part of that support package and have already ensured that the clinic’s clients have safely banked cord blood stem cells from their new-borns to help protect families in the future.”