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Kate & Ben (Biovault’s Technical Director & Quality Manager) recently attended the 76th public meeting of the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) in London. The meeting covered all areas of regulation by the HTA, specifically covering; guidance for filming; living donation; codes of practice; designated individual engagement; regulatory activity; & various reports from the board.

The meeting was followed by the HTA Annual conference titled “New Science, New Challenge” where the focus was turned to up and coming areas of development and how to implement these in the most efficient and ethical ways possible.

The Conference was split into 2 main sessions the first “The Future of our Sectors” being a discussion lead by a panel made up of:

  • Sharmila Nebhrajani OBE (Chair of the HTA)
  • Sir John Chisholm (Chair of Genomics England)
  • Mr Pankaj Chandak (SpR in transplant Surgery, at Guy’s & Great Ormond Street Hospitals)
  • Dr David Bailey (Vice President of Communications at the Royal Collage of Pathologists)
  • Professor Mark Lowdell (Director of Cellular Therapeutics & RFH/UCL Cancer Biobank)

This panel prompted some fantastic discussions about the future of medicine; including the use of genomics to treat patients with genetic conditions; 3D printing to aid transplant surgeons when planning paediatric surgery; imaging to replace conventional autopsies; and decellularisation & recellularisation of organs to provide perfectly matched transplants.

The second session “Creating the Right Response” really covered the best way to move forward with these advances ensuring that all practices remain ethical.

It is important to Biovault to attend events such as these to maintain our close relationship with our regulators and enable us to continue to be part of the ongoing development of our sector.