Biovault is a brilliant run company with compassion and heart

Portia Jett is married to British television, radio presenter and actor Ore Oduba and in October the couple had their second baby Genie, a brother to Roman. They chose to bank her precious umbilical cord blood with Biovault Family.

Here they talk about their experience with Biovault Family.

What was your experience like of umbilical cord blood banking with Biovault Family?

From the moment we started the process to store Genie’s umbilical cord blood it has been so straightforward and really easy. The team, especially Jo, was on hand if we had any questions and had all the information we needed.

How did you feel when your cord blood banking kit arrived? 

We were both so excited! We had wanted to look into umbilical cord blood banking with Roman but never got round to it which we regret, so having the opportunity to do it this time around with Genie was brilliant. Also, the kit comes in a really beautiful, decorative box which is a bonus!

Did it all go smoothly with the phlebotomist?

It did, yes. The information and details supplied by Biovault make it very easy to follow especially when you are in labour and you have A LOT to think about. You are given your phlebotomist number in advance as well as a backup number just in case. So, everything is very well thought through. 

The stem cells in cord blood can currently be used to treat more than 80 diseases. How important do you think it is to spread the word about the importance of cord blood banking?

For us as a family, it was the right decision. If the unthinkable were ever to happen and we could save/help our children/family members with the use of the stem cells why wouldn’t you? With them being able to treat over 80 diseases it was a no brainer for us and we just hope more families look into this whilst pregnant.

What would you say to anyone who has never heard about stem cell banking?

Check it out! The team at Biovault are always on the other end of the phone to help talk you through the process and for you to find out more.

What can we do to help more people become aware of the importance of banking cord blood?

It needs to be talked about more within parenting groups maybe including NCT classes. It does come at an additional cost and we understand this, but if you can, we do believe parents should be made aware of the benefits of storing the cord before it is disposed of.

What has your experience been like with Biovault Family?

It’s been such a positive experience and one I would recommend to anyone. Biovault is a brilliantly run company with compassion and heart at the forefront of everything they do and they just want to help expecting parents in any way they can.

What would be your advice for any parent’s looking to bank their baby’s cord blood?

Definitely have a look into this if it is something that is right for you both. Ask those questions that you need answering – the team are there to always help and put your mind at ease on anything. 

Did the process work as you expected it to? 

As we had a very quick birth with our first we let the Biovault family and phlebotomist know this in advance so that they could get to the hospital in time. As predicted we had another quick birth and the team were great, they had our notes and when we made the call in the evening she was there at the hospital ready to store the umbilical cord blood and tissue.

Was it easy?

It is super easy as you are given a step by step guide for you and your birthing partner to follow, so you know exactly what to do and who to call on the day, it couldn’t be simpler. 

What does it mean to you that you’ve chosen to bank your baby’s cord blood?

It means a lot. Its puts our minds at rest knowing that we have those precious stem cells stored away safely for many years to come.

Since we’ve stored the cells we’ve been telling all our friends and family about it and everyone has been so surprised how brilliant it is and how it’s not widely known about. So we are happy to be spreading the word.

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