Our Black Friday and Cyber Monday money off offers give you the chance to support our charities

Supporting charitable causes is hugely important to us all at Biovault Family. This year we’ve added three new charities to those we support and by choosing Biovault Family to bank your baby’s precious umbilical cord blood cells, you will be supporting them too.

Our chosen charities are Operation Smile, Young Lives Vs Cancer and Friends and Families, three incredible organisations that make a huge difference to countless adults and children.

Operation Smile, a worldwide children’s charity, is  dedicated to providing safe surgery for children born with a cleft; Young Lives Vs Cancer helps families to cope with everything that cancer throws at them by offering support in many different forms from bereavement counselling to financial help and Friends and Families supports families with disabled children in Plymouth and the surrounding areas.

Save £300 on our Family Plus Packages

We are offering a huge Black Friday and Cyber Monday discount –  £300 off our Family Plus package  – but you can opt to donate this amount to charity.

If’ you’d rather have the discount, that’s absolutely fine too,

We are also now donating £10 to these charities for every Biovault Family package sold.

If you’d like to take up our £300 offer, please quote BlackFriday or CyberMonday when you place your order, and we’ll do the rest when we chat to you. You’ll also be able to donate all or part of your savings to one of our charities.

We have some simple terms and conditions too. To qualify for the BlackFriday offer, please confirm your package by midnight on November 26. Or if you’d like the Cyber Monday offer (they’re both the same) please confirm your package by midnight on November 29.

We’re really looking forward to chatting you about all the options Biovault Family offers.

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