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Canada Establishes Facility Focused on Stem Cell Research

Mere days ago in January 13, the Prime Minister announced the establishment of a new committee geared towards stem cell research dubbed as the Center for Advanced Therapeutic Cell Technologies. The government has pledged to put $20 million to set up the new organization which is expected to be headquartered in downtown Toronto.

The news comes at a perfect time since recent studies suggest that development in stem cell research would greatly advance strides in discovering a cure for cancer. Furthermore, study revolving stem cells post a probability of manufacturing man-made organs that would substantially cut the waiting time for people in need of organ donors. It might also allow same-sex couples to conceive a child that is biologically related to both parties.

“We must do more to prevent and treat disease in this country. One very important way to do this is by supporting innovative approaches to regenerative medicine through greater collaboration, using stem cells, biomaterials and molecules to repair, regenerate or replace damaged cell tissues and organs affected by disease” quipped Trudeau.

Trudeau further states that advancement in regenerative research is where the future of medicine is heading towards. Canadians should be proud that the field is something they can easily say they excel in. To read the article click here.

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