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How is umbilical cord blood used to treat blood cancers?

Did you know umbilical cord blood is being used to treat a number of cancers of the blood? And did you know you can collect and store the cord blood from your newborn to use in potentially life-saving treatments as they get older? This article explores how umbilical cord blood is used to treat blood […]

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Autologous cord blood transplant for Aplastic Anaemia

In this article first published by the Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation as Henrique was Saved by his Own Cord Blood, Henrique’s parents explain how their son’s life was saved thanks to their decision to store his cord blood at birth. This photo of Henrique was taken by the river, in Lisbon, Portugal, a […]

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Siblings Day Success Stories: Stem Cells Saved My Life

Siblings Day isn’t really recognised in the UK, even though our relationships with our brothers and sisters are likely to be the most enduring of our lives. We all owe our lives to our parents, but thanks to cord blood storage, many healthy children and adults now also owe their lives to their siblings. This year, […]

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Founder of UEA Genetic Disease Association encourages families to bank cord blood

You may not have heard of Dr Maryam Matar,  Founder of the United Arab Emirates (UEA) Genetic Disease Association (GDA), but her achievement in genetic science is quite breathtaking. A pioneer in the field of genetic disorder studies, Dr Matar is also a multi-award winning geneticist and businesswoman; a former Undersecretary to the Emirati Minister […]

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Stem Cell therapy offers new hope to type 2 diabetes patients

Canada-based University of British Columbia scientists have shown for the first time that Type 2 diabetes can be tackled with a combination of specially-cultured stems cells and conventional diabetes drugs. The scientists have used stem cells to reverse the type 1 diabetes in mice and hope to apply similar findings to expand the treatment of […]

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Thalassemia patient cured by umbilical cord blood transplantation

TEHRAN, Aug. 16 (MNA) – Umbilical cord blood stem cells of a girl was used to treat his brother’s thalassemia. An Iranian younger sister’s umbilical cord blood stem cells which were stored in Royan Cord Blood Bank (RCBB) were used to save her 6-year-old brother suffering from thalassemia. The successful transplantation happened when the doctors […]

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