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Stem cells used to treat leukaemia in toddler Arlo

Stem cell donation is vital Toddler Arlo Brown was diagnosed with the rare blood cancer myelomonocytic leukaemia in April. Seriously ill, he underwent a stem cell transplant in August. He is still very poorly but according to recent newspaper reports, is showing signs of recovery, although he relies on regular blood transfusions and a tube […]

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September is blood cancer awareness month

Cord blood transplants provide an opportunity for a cure from blood cancer with siblings offering the best chance of finding a match September marks Blood Cancer Awareness Month. Every year, more than 2,000 people in the UK with a blood cancer or blood disorder are in need of a potentially lifesaving blood stem cell donation […]

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Making the most of umbilical cord blood

Scientists can now multiply, or ‘expand’ the stem cells in cord blood, offering the best regenerative treatment for blood cancer yet. A paper published in The Lancet this week may transform the way blood cancer is treated, greatly improving patient outcomes. Why isn’t cord blood used for more stem cell transplants? More than 100,000 patients […]

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9 years old and cancer-free thanks to life-saving umbilical cord stem cell transplant

Jenson has lived half his young life with cancer. Diagnosed with lymphoma aged 4 and then with leukaemia aged 7, it’s impossible to imagine how the Wright family must feel reading today’s news that their son is cancer-free. Just 6 weeks after completing 3 years of chemotherapy in October 2016, Jenson’s family learnt that cancer had […]

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Umbilical blood cells kill cancer quicker than adult stem cells

Immature but deadly. Immune cells in fetal blood are better at destroying leukaemia cells than adult stem cells, tests in mice suggest. The results are a surprise because foetal immune cells haven’t had the lifelong “training” that adult immune cells have had, yet they still seem to recognise and destroy abnormal cells. People with blood […]

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Umbilical stem cell transplant for adult leukaemia

A MOTHER battling leukaemia is to undergo a stem cell transplant despite a worldwide search failing to find a perfect bone marrow match. Vanessa Myers, from Leeds, desperately needs the transplant to save her life and though doctors have been checking globally, no compatible donor has been found. The mum-of-one is now to have the […]

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Double stem-cell transplant improves outcomes for children with neuroblastoma

In this 2016 press release, the American Society of Clinical Oncology shared the findings of a study of 652 children with high-risk neuroblastoma who were treated with double and single autologous haematopoetic stem cell (HSC)  transplants (stem cells from their own bone marrow). The most significant was that at 3 years, 61.4% of patients who […]

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Leukaemia and cord blood transplantation

Keegan’s story Keegan Doheney was just 2 years old when he was diagnosed with leukaemia. Fortunately, Keegan’s doctors were able to get the leukaemia into remission, but his parents knew that there was always a chance of a relapse. Keegan’s mum, Wendy, found out about cord blood banking when she was pregnant with her second […]

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Hodgkin lymphoma made visible by London installation

Make Blood Cancer Visible is an installation by Paul Cocksedge that gathers 104 three-dimensional letterform sculptures forming a typographic forest of names. The installation represents the 104 individuals that are diagnosed with blood cancer every day,1 raising awareness and shining a light on their experiences by exposing their individual stories. One story is Ellie’s. Ellie was […]

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