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Biovault is a brilliant run company with compassion and heart

Portia Jett is married to British television, radio presenter and actor Ore Oduba and in October the couple had their second baby Genie, a brother to Roman. They chose to bank her precious umbilical cord blood with Biovault Family. Here they talk about their experience with Biovault Family. What was your experience like of umbilical […]

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Umbilical cord blood transplant cures a woman of HIV 

More than 40 years after the HIV virus was first encountered researchers are still fighting to develop ways to cure HIV, including a range of potential gene therapies. Now one New York woman has been cured of HIV, which remains one of humanity’s most ‘resilient’ viruses.  HIV AIDS arrived in the late ‘70s. By the […]

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What can cord blood be used for?

Imagine this. Your toddler has been diagnosed with leukaemia. They need a bone marrow transplant, but there isn’t a matching adult donor. They may die. Thankfully life-saving umbilical cord blood from stem cells, donated by an anonymous mum and her newborn baby, save your little one’s life.  It’s a true story.  If you’ve ever asked […]

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Umbilical Cord Blood: How long can UCB stem cells be stored?

By Michael Bardetti-Nixon BSc. LIBMS, Biovault Technical Ltd., Technical Manager / Persons Designate If you are already considering storing your eagerly awaited baby’s cord blood, the next question is, how long for? Does it expire? Biovault offer a range of storage terms. Arrangements can always be made at the end of the term, but what’s […]

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Why does cord blood deserve an awareness month?

July 2021 marks Cord Blood Awareness Month. So why does cord blood deserve an awareness month? It matters because cord blood banking still isn’t mainstream, but we all need to know how to help secure the future health of our children, from birth to old age. More parents deserve to understand the many benefits of […]

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Perinatal Tissue as an Advanced Cellular Therapy Product

Perinatal tissue, such as umbilical cord blood, umbilical cord tissue and placental tissue, is a valuable source of cells for advanced cellular therapies. This includes mesenchymal stem/stromal cells and blood cells such as haematopoietic stem and progenitor cells (HSPC), natural killer cells and T-cells.  Whilst there are currently no approved therapies for umbilical cord tissue […]

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Your 2020 Guide to Cord Blood Awareness Month

July is our favourite time of the year. Why? Because its Cord Blood Awareness Month which aims to raise awareness of the importance of umbilical cord blood and the amazing powers of newborn stem cells. We’ve put together some common questions about umbilical cord blood and saving our newborn baby’s stem cells.  If you’d like […]

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“Simply put, cord blood saves lives and we need to preserve it.” Key messages of World Cord Blood Day 2019

With these words, Charis Ober, executive director of Save the Cord Foundation welcomed expectant parents, healthcare professionals, scientists and the general public to World Cord Blood Day 2019. World Cord Blood Day (#WCBD) is dedicated to advancing cord blood awareness and education around the world. Parents were invited to join a virtual lab tour and […]

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Bioprinted living tissues could transform treatment

Scientists have already ‘printed’ heart-like valves and a femur from stem cells like those in the umbilical cord. So, what’s next for patients? Bioprinting is an exciting research area with potential for repairing injuries, and even replacing whole organs affected by damage or disease. The technology is limited in complexity, viability and speed at the moment but […]

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