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The birthing ball – Your best friend before, during and after birth

What is Birthing Ball? It’s a big, squashy plastic ball, not unlike those you see at the gym or use in a yoga lesson. Imagine a Space Hopper and you’ll get the general  idea. So why are they so popular? Birthing balls are amazing for all sorts of reasons before, during and after the birth […]

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What to consider when choosing a cord bank?

The science behind stem cells is complex, but there’s no reason why choosing a cord bank should be complicated. Look at it this way. Cord blood stem cells are simply a kind of medical treatment. This means you use the same common sense parameters you’d use when pinning down any kind of medical support. That […]

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How does cord blood banking work?

Did you know it only takes a few short minutes to give your child protection that lasts a lifetime? We can collect and safely store your baby’s cord blood and tissue to give you a life’s worth of peace of mind. This is thanks to a simple, painless process laid out in a kit containing […]

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10 best books on maternal health

Relaxing when you’re pregnant is good for you and your baby and reading a book at night is the perfect way to wind down. It’s a match made in heaven! It also helps to know: What to expect of your body The changes your body goes through How pregnancy affects your emotions The changes you […]

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How much does stem cell storage cost?

Cord blood banking is hugely popular these days. The world’s 500 cord blood banks contain a total of more than four million cord blood samples, a number that’s increasing fast by around a quarter of a million every year. So why are parents paying good money to store their child’s umbilical cord blood stem cells? And what do […]

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Midwives are truly remarkable

“It’s something that is really important to me because it allows me to do so many things and reach so many people and to help people. I want people to know me as and remember me as a person that helped others, a person who loved others.” ( Isn’t that lovely? The philosopher Plato agreed. […]

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Why is Biovault’s cord blood cost cheaper than other cord blood banks?

Banking your baby’s umbilical cord blood and tissue with Biovault Family costs a lot less than other UK based companies offering similar services. The low cord blood banking cost offered by Biovault Family saves you at least £1,625 and as much as £5,000 on the cord blood banking price our competitors charge. So, how do […]

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Our cord blood prices are lower than our competitors, but how?

We are often asked why banking your baby’s umbilical cord blood and tissue with Biovault Family is so much cheaper than with other companies offering similar services in the UK. But by banking with Biovault Family, you could save a minimum of £1,625 and up to £5,000 compared to our competitors. How do we do […]

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What if Biovault Family goes out of business?

How can I be sure my cells would be stored safely if Biovault Family were to cease trading? This is where Biovault Family is different from other companies providing cord blood and cord tissue storage, and unique in the private sector. We know that you are investing in the future of your baby’s and family’s […]

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