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Covid 19 – We are fully operational during this time, taking calls 8am-8pm 7 days a week.

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An update from Biovault

Our team at Biovault Family are giving the best support possible as we settle in to the ‘new normal.’ As lockdown continues in the UK, the Biovault team are settling into the “new normal” of life at a social distance. We are fortunate that the South West of England, where Biovault is based, continues to […]

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Answers to questions about the Coronavirus pandemic 
and the banking of cord blood and birthing tissues

Source: The Cord Blood Association The coronavirus pandemic and its effect on the banking of umbilical cord blood and birthing tissues. Are the cord blood units previously stored in public and private banks safe from contamination? Cord blood inventories are not at risk for COVID-19 contamination. Most units were collected well before the current pandemic […]

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Can cord blood treat leukaemia patients in relapse?

In the first major study of cord blood transplantation for secondary acute myeloid leukaemia 40% of patients are “rescued” from the disease. The results of world’s first major study into the use of cord blood transplantation (CBT) to treat secondary acute myeloid leukaemia (sAML), were published in December 2018. 146 patients participated in the test. […]

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Our Top 10 FAQs

1. How does the cord blood collection process work? We will send you an information pack that will contain everything you need to read, complete and return to us in order to join Biovault Family. Once you are entirely happy and we have received everything we will then take the first payment for the kit. […]

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Can I Delay Cord Clamping and Bank Umbilical Cord Blood?

Delayed cord clamping has been linked to health benefits for both mother and baby. But what does this mean for umbilical cord blood collection and transplantation? Is it possible to enjoy the best of both worlds? Stem Cell Scientists from Biovault and University College London, as well as the Parents’ Guide to Cord Blood Foundation, believe that it is. Here […]

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10 Essential Requirements for Cord Blood Banking

Developed by the Cord Blood Association (CBA) to give health practitioners and families clarity and assurance How can we expect parents to trust cord blood banking if banks care for stem cells so poorly that they cannot be used for treatment? Earlier this year, Joanne Kurtzberg, a pioneer of cord blood banking and one of […]

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Refer a friend and we’ll give you a £100 Love To Shop Voucher

At Biovault Family we want more people to know about life-giving umbilical stem cells. That’s why we want to give you £100 As you prepare to welcome new life, thank you for considering Biovault Family to take care of your baby’s life-giving umbilical stem cells. We promise you the expertise of biologists, the security of […]

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