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Stem Cell Success Story – Systemic Scleroderma

Tony Underhill lived a full, active life until Systemic Scleroderma slowly hardened his skin until he could hardly move. “I nicknamed it ‘the beast inside of me’ “, says Tony.  “It’s like having an anaconda, a baby anaconda, growing inside of you, that grows just a little bit every day and he just keeps squeezing […]

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A new study has revealed how stem cells work to improve lung function in acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)

ARDS is a life-threatening condition in which the efficiency of the lungs is severely reduced. It is caused by damage to the capillary wall either from illness or a physical injury, such as major trauma. The researchers investigated whether stem cells can affect the stimulation of the macrophages and promote the state in which they […]

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Stem cells to treat paralysis

Two years ago, Brenda Guerra’s life changed forever. Guerra said, “They told me that I went into a ditch and was ejected out of the vehicle.” The accident left the 26-year-old paralyzed from the waist down, and confined to a wheelchair. “I don’t feel any of my lower body at all” she said. Brenda has […]

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Stem cells replace surgery in cutting edge knee repair

As a bodybuilder, Harold Chery was a runner up for Mr USA; but years of heavy lifting eventually got him down. His knees took a beating. “I used to squat over 800 pounds,” says Chery.” A car accident was the final straw. Harold’s knees were shot. Now a sports trainer, his livelihood was on the […]

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Stem cell gene therapy for fatal childhood disease ready for human trial

A pioneering approach for Sanfilippo disease – a genetic condition for which there is no effective treatment A gene therapy developed in Manchester will now be trialled in humans Scientists in Manchester, who have developed a stem cell gene therapy to reverse a fatal childhood illness, have agreed to work with a new therapeutics company […]

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Cord Blood Transplants Beneficial When Matched Donors Cannot Be Found

The majority of patients in need of allogeneic hematopoietic cell-transplants do not have HLA-matched donors available. Researchers recently performed a retrospective study including 582 patients with acute myeloid or lymphoid leukemia or myelodysplastic syndrome in need of hematopoietic cell-transplants. HLA-matched unrelated donors were found for 344 patients; 98 patients received a transplant from an HLA-mismatched […]

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Biovault Family Become the World’s First CellPlan Excel Bank

CellPlan launched this summer with a mission to make world-leading stem cell transplantation available to every family. Stem cell treatments can be expensive, especially when travel and accommodation are required to access the best care. CellPlan insurance covers up to £1 million in medical and travel expenses and offers its members consultations with leading medical specialists. Biovault Family […]

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Cord blood transplant saves young life from TPI, a rare form of anaemia

“Honestly, when Wyatt was born, we didn’t know if he would live four days,” Wyatt’s mum, Amanda Hanley, told the Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas where her son was treated, “and now he’s 4 years old,” The world’s rarest illness? Wyatt was born fighting for his life due to a rare blood disorder called TPI, or […]

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Autistic Spectrum Disorder trial enrolling patients now

Duke University Medical Centre in North Carolina USA is enrolling patients diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder in a phase one clinical trial involving infusion of their own cord blood stem cells. At Biovault, we’ve released 3 umbilical cord blood samples to Duke University Medical Centre in the last 5 years to treat cerebral palsy, so […]

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