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Cord blood stem cells for congenital heart conditions

This is a story of two siblings – two beating hearts – that need medical intervention by Oklahoma doctors using lifesaving blood. “He’s just full of joy,” said Christina DeShaw. And, you can see it in her 8-month-old son’s big bright eyes. However, Miles was still in the womb when his family realized he suffered […]

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Baby born with heart defect treated with cord blood stem cells

Baby Ryals was diagnosed with a rare genetic heart condition whilst he was still in the womb. Hypoplastic left heart syndrome is a rare and complex form of congenital heart disease in which the left side of a child’s heart is severely underdeveloped. The prognosis for Ryals at birth was deeply worrying, and the baby’s […]

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Born with half a heart LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Researchers at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles are launching a groundbreaking clinical trial to help babies born with a defect that leaves them with half a heart. Doctors are taking their treatment of this condition to a whole new level. In Janaury, Jasmine Guillen of Artesia was basically born with half […]

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