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Stem cell therapies and severe Covid – A fascinating discovery

Chemistry graduate and Ph.D student Michael Greenwood has written a fascinating article about recent clinical trials into stem cell therapies which could help treat severe Covid. Thanks to him and to for publishing the article, which we’ve translated into plain English for you.  Dangerous immune responses to severe Covid Severe Covid messes with the […]

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What is autism and can cord blood be used to treat it?

Umbilical cord blood is rather magical. The stem cells it contains have all sorts of health benefits, widely used to help treat a huge variety of conditions, some very serious. As experts in cord blood banking, we decided to explore the science and tell you the truth behind cord blood treatment for autism.    About umbilical cord blood and autism – […]

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Intravenous Infusion of Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells Maintains and Partially Improves Visual Function in Patients with Advanced Retinitis Pigmentosa

Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) is a hereditary retinal degeneration disease with no effective therapeutic approaches. Inflammatory and immune disorders are thought to play an important role in the pathogenesis of RP. Human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells (UCMSCs), with multiple biological functions such as anti-inflammation and immunoregulation, have been applied in different systemic diseases. We conducted […]

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Can umbilical stem cells treat rheumatoid arthritis?

Do you know someone who is pregnant right now? Do you know anyone who has rheumatoid arthritis? I do. Actually, in my case, they’re the same person. Beccy and I grew up together. We were in the same class until we were 16 years old. We were both in the choir, though she was the […]

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HIV & Stem Cell Therapy

Only two HIV sufferers in the world have been cleared of the virus, but the fact that both received the same treatment is cause for cautious celebration and suggests stem cell therapy could offer a lasting alternative to a lifetime of medication. The second person with HIV has been cleared of the virus after receiving […]

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Irish girl Ciara O’ Farrell is free from crippling pain for the first time in years, is back home in Wexford after undergoing a pioneering stem cell transplant

The transplant of stem cells from her four-year-old brother Cian, carried out in Newcastle Hospital, in the UK, has transformed the life of the courageous six year old who was suffering from a crippling form of juvenile arthritis. Following the transplant, the arthritis has gone and Ciara, who will be seven in two weeks, is […]

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Diabetes breakthrough: New stem cells that can halt kidney disease about to be tested

NHS experts are about to test a new groundbreaking treatment for diabetic kidney disease that could potentially save thousands of lives a year. The NHS Blood and Transplant section will produce a special type of stem cell, known as stromal stem cells, to give to diabetic patients in England and Northern Ireland taking part in […]

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Heat-responsive bandage helps heal diabetic wounds

Over the years, scientists have come up with bandages to detect bedsores before they appear, paint-on bandages that tell doctors how the healing process is coming along, and dressings that change colour when an infection is present. Now, a team of researchers from Northwestern University has created a stem cell-attracting bandage with a single purpose in mind – giving the […]

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Cord blood used to ‘switch off’ type 1 diabetes

Australian toddler Lucy Hinchion is already a medical pioneer. Aged just 20 months, Lucy became the youngest ever recipient of an infusion of her own umbilical cord blood cells to “switch off” type 1 diabetes. How can cord blood treat type 1 diabetes? Cord blood is rich in regulatory T cells, which keep the immune […]

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