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Cord blood banking matters to me: Ricky and Gemma Martin

Congratulations on the imminent birth of your second child. How are you all? Thank you. We are all well and a great mix of excited, nervous and curious all in one while we wait for the arrival of the next addition to our household. This time around it is a little girl, so Alexander has a […]

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How can I keep my baby safe during hot weather?

Hot weather can be particularly harmful to babies and young children, so knowing how to keep them cool is vital. Babies and young children can become ill during very hot weather. Their health can be seriously affected by: • dehydration • heat exhaustion and heatstroke • sunburn Try these tips from the NHS for keeping […]

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Hot weather advice while pregnant from Biovault Family

With this week’s temperatures set to soar above 30°c in some parts of the UK, we’ve put together some tips to help you stay cool and safe We know how uncomfortable it can be if you’re pregnant during a heat wave, with high temperatures putting you at risk of dangers like dehydration and sunstroke. With […]

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Biovault Family Celebrates Year of the Nurse and the Midwife 2020

When we think of a midwife, we probably imagine a person delivering babies. Of course, the primary role of a midwife is to assist women in childbirth. But that is not all midwives do. What does a midwife do? Midwives have perhaps the broadest skill set of any healthcare professional. As defined by The Lancet, […]

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Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth

Pregnancy Yoga can be a great way to relax, exercise safely and prepare for birth. Because this form of movement works with breath, muscle control and inner and outer strength it is very popular amongst pregnant women. But to make the most of pregnancy yoga, it must be safe and tailored to your needs. “Yoga’s […]

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Storing my son’s cord blood gives me confidence, Ricky Martin explains in an exclusive interview

Almost a year after the birth of his first son, scientist and business leader Ricky Martin is overjoyed to be a father. But the 2012 winner of The Apprentice is also frustrated that umbilical cord stem cell storage, a life-saving service, is still under-reported, misrepresented and under-used in the UK. In the second part of […]

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Research shows umbilical cord is the stem cell source that keeps on giving

In a paper published this week in medical journal Stem Cell Research & Therapy, researchers show that umbilical cord tissue can provide large volumes of stem cells over long periods. This evidence could lead to a dramatic increase in the number of stem cells available to patients from each stored umbilical cord, making cord tissue […]

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Monaco Nanny dreams of being a mum

For 16 years Maternity Nurse Laura Chelmick has been part of the family to some of Monaco’s most high profile residents. Now, she says, it’s her turn to be mum. Over the coming months, Biovault Family is joining Laura and her husband Ross in their adventure into parenthood. Laura and Ross hope to store their […]

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Stem Cells, Deafness & Hearing Loss

Hearing loss may soon be reversible, thanks to cord blood stem cell therapy Deafness in the UK…  840 babies are born each year with a significant hearing impairment About 1 in 1,000 children are deaf at three years of age 20,000 children between 0-15 years of age are moderately to severely deaf 42% of people […]

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