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Why Bank Umbilical Cord Tissue?

We’re familiar with the idea of cord blood banking and have read countless stories of the lives saved and enhanced by cord blood stem cell transplants. But why do Biovault Family offer umbilical cord tissue banking? Stem cells from cord tissue are not yet used therapeutically, so why are more and more families choosing to […]

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Third Stage of Labour: Natural or Managed?

The third stage of labour is finally a topic of conversation. While we’ve been able to have democratic discussions with our midwives and doctors about most of our birthing preferences for many years, the third stage of labour has long been veiled in approximately six parts indifference and four parts ignorance. After all, when you’re about […]

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Child safety and risky play

Child safety: a tricky balance Second only to cancer, accidental injuries are one of the UK’s biggest threats to children’s lives. “Accidents can be prevented” is the message of the organisers of this week’s Child Safety Week, “but there’s a balance to be struck. Children need to experiment, play and take risks.”(1) In fact there is […]

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What will you do with the afterbirth? Bin, Bank, Donate or Sell?

You’re likely to start hearing this question more often. As the UK wakes up to the fact that umbilical cord blood and tissue contain billions of life-giving stem cells, expectant parents have yet another decision to make, and this one might be the most important of them all.

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Cleft palate mended with umbilical stem cells avoids complex surgery

Cleft Palate affects 1 in 700 babies and may now be treated with stem cells from the umbilical cord. What is Cleft Palate? The NHS explains that “the gap is there because parts of the baby’s face didn’t join together properly during development in the womb.”  Babies can be born with a cleft lip, a cleft palate, […]

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