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Umbilical cord stem cells could improve survival chances for patients with Covid

A new study suggests umbilical cord stem cells found in the cord of new born babies implanted into Covid patients could improve survival chances.  The study was carried out in the USA by scientists at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine where researchers have reported a 91 per cent survival rate in seriously […]

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Umbilical cord cells to be used in breakthrough treatment for Covid-19

Blood derived from umbilical cord cells are being used to treat patients with serious forms of coronavirus. In a world first, discovered by Australian researchers, patients at a Melbourne Hospital will be infused with the treatment to check its safety. The trial will recruit up to 24 patients with moderate to severe pneumonia, which develops […]

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Cord blood stem cells used to treat lung disease in premature babies

Premature babies have an increased risk of developing bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD), a serious lung disease, which is a major cause of death and lifelong complications. Researchers have conducted a Phase I clinical trial to assess the safety and efficacy of stem cell therapies in premature babies to prevent or treat BPD. The results showed an reduction […]

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COPD Improves with Stem Cell Therapy

Four Lung Institute facilities in Tampa, Scottsdale, Nashville and Pittsburg, treat restrictive and obstructive lung diseases using stem cells from the patient’s own body. Gary V., a patient, has seen his quality of life improve since he receive stem cell therapy for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). For Gary, “improvement” is more healthy, happier days. “I don’t […]

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Adult Stem Cell Therapy at the Lung Institute Helps Pulmonary Fibrosis Patient

Joseph O. visited the Lung Institute in Tampa, Fla., to receive adult stem cell therapy for pulmonary fibrosis in March of 2015, and his results surprised his pulmonologist. When pulmonary fibrosis made Joseph’s life a daily struggle, he knew he had to find another treatment option. On oxygen 24/7, walking up a flight of stairs was a […]

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First-of-its-kind Study Explores if Stem Cells Might Lessen Inflammation in CF Patients

An Ohio cystic fibrosis (CF) patient was given an infusion of adult stem cells in a pioneering study that researchers hope will lead to therapies that reduce inflammation and infections linked to the disease.   “I am hoping the future generations of CF patients can get better treatments and that eventually a cure will be […]

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