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What is autism and can cord blood be used to treat it?

Umbilical cord blood is rather magical. The stem cells it contains have all sorts of health benefits, widely used to help treat a huge variety of conditions, some very serious. As experts in cord blood banking, we decided to explore the science and tell you the truth behind cord blood treatment for autism.    About umbilical cord blood and autism – […]

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What is stem cell therapy?

You’ve probably heard about stem cells in the news, or read about them and how they’ve helped treat a disease, or a serious injury, but have you wondered how they might help you or a loved one? Stem cells offer so much promise, and are considered to be the bedrock of regenerative medicine. What are […]

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Umbilical cord stem cells could improve survival chances for patients with Covid

A new study suggests umbilical cord stem cells found in the cord of new born babies implanted into Covid patients could improve survival chances.  The study was carried out in the USA by scientists at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine where researchers have reported a 91 per cent survival rate in seriously […]

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A background on the scope and potential for cord blood and perinatal tissue therapies

Since the late 1980s, umbilical cord blood and related birthing tissues have evolved from medical waste to a rich source of blood stem cells. These can be transplanted to restore normal blood and immune cell development and function in blood diseases such as leukemia and lymphoma, certain inherited genetic disorders, bone marrow failure and immune deficiency diseases. 

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What makes cord blood special?

What makes cord blood special? As we approach World Cord Blood Day on November 17, we look at why umbilical cord blood banking is attracting so much attention.

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Placenta banking services should be viewed with caution

There is very little scientific evidence for the value of banking placenta cells clinically. Biovault is always excited about developments in tissue and cell banking and we keep a close eye on innovation within our Industry. However, in line with our ethical and cautious approach, fostered through our long working relationship with the NHS we […]

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Your baby’s cord blood is amazing

Why you should consider banking your baby’s cord blood Cord blood is the leftover blood in the umbilical cord after birth, and cord tissue is the cord itself. Both contain powerful stem cells that could be used to potentially treat a variety of medical conditions. Cord blood is rich in stem cells that can morph […]

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COVID-19 and pregnancy – an update from the 2020 Cord Blood Connect

Research suggests that COVID-19 is not present in birthing tissues collected at the time of birth. Welcome to our Friday update where we have news from the recent 2020 Cord Blood Connect attended by Biovault Family’s CEO Kate Sneddon. Usually an annual conference held in Miami, this year’s event moved to a virtual platform allowing […]

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Innovation, creativity and collaboration: Building a Health Startup in a weekend

Biovault’s CEO Kate Sneddon is set to judge Techstars Startup Weekend in Plymouth. Here’s why entrepreneurship in Health & Wellbeing matters Beginning on Friday, April 26 – 28, 2019 Techstars Startup Weekend Plymouth will take place at the beautiful Royal William Yard. Techstars Startup weekend provides a place to look for a team, create a […]

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