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‘Why would somebody not want to give their family the best form of future care?’

Ricky Martin, winner of the 2012 The Apprentice, is a business leader, biochemist, and a busy dad, and soon he and his wife Gemma will be welcoming a sister for their two-year-old son Alexander. We caught up with Ricky who chose to store Alexander’s umbilical cord blood and tissue with Biovault Family and will also […]

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Healing the heart of baby Thorben

Heart break to healthy, Thorben has fully recovered from major heart surgery, his condition prompting parents to chose cord blood banking Thorben Olsen is just like any other five month old baby – gorgeous, squidgy and adorable – with his devoted mum Joanne, dad Kjell and older sisters Teagan and Thea plying him with love […]

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