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Cord Blood Banking

Collecting your baby’s cord blood only takes a few minutes, but it offers peace of mind for a lifetime.

Cord Blood Collection

We provide a specially designed kit that allows your midwife or doctor to safely collect your baby’s cord blood after their birth. Or, if you prefer, we can organise a specialist phlebotomist service.

A courier then collects your securely labelled cord blood kit and delivers this to our laboratory for processing and storage.

Cord Tissue Collection

Your baby’s cord tissue can be collected at the same time as cord blood, by your midwife, doctor or phlebotomist.

Processing and Storage

On arrival at our laboratory, your cord blood (and tissue) is given a unique barcode and transferred to a sterile environment for volume reduction processing. Samples are taken for assessment of stem cell concentration and microbiological contamination.

Samples are then stored in special tamper-evident bags, frozen and preserved in vapour phase liquid nitrogen.

We keep you informed at every stage, calling when your baby’s cord blood and tissue has been successfully stored and sending you a full set of test results.

Finally, we send you your baby’s unique storage certificate as an assurance that their extraordinary stem cells are safe and secure.




We are available by phone and email to discuss any questions you may have. Our customer service team are friendly and knowledgeable and will do all they can to help you and your family. You can also find the answers to some popular questions on this page.

Biovault Family Services

We work with NHS consultants, stem cell scientists and transplantation nurses on a daily basis and understand how precious your stem cells are. We are dedicated to getting everything right first time, every time.


We are proud to receive wonderful feedback from the parents that we help. Their testimonials offer the best explanation for why we are trusted by families and the NHS.

Sky Sport F1’s Natalie Pinkham explains why she chose Biovault Family for umbilical cord blood banking.

Independent Advice

For independent advice on cord blood banking and whether it’s right for you and your family, please click here to download an information leaflet from the Parents Guide Cord Blood organisation, or visit the website

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