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Cord Blood Collection

Collecting your baby’s cord blood only takes a few minutes, but it offers peace of mind for a lifetime.

First things first

From the extraordinary cells of the umbilical cord, to the logistics of safe cord blood transportation, we want you to feel fully informed about our service, and comfortable with the choices that you make.

You can find information about cord blood, cord tissue and stem cell therapies on this site, as well as details of Biovault Family Services.

Every family and every stem cell sample is unique, and so is our care. You can find out more about our experience and ethos here, and meet some of our wonderful Biovault Family team.

Before your baby is born

Simply call, email or start the process online to receive your information pack. This includes a medical history questionnaire, consent from and contract. When you have returned the completed signed documents to us we will:

  • Organise the delivery of your Cord Blood/ Cord Blood and Tissue Collection Kit
  • Contact you to find out whether your midwife or doctor will be collecting your cord blood and cord tissue samples, or if you would like us to organise a phlebotomist service

Simply pack your Collection Kit with your hospital bag ready for the big day.

If you know your birth date, let us know as soon as you can. Otherwise, ask your birthing partner to can us when you go into labour.


When your baby is safely delivered

Only when your midwife is satisfied that you and your baby are well will your baby’s cord blood and cord tissue be collected. The process is simple and can be done before or after your placenta has been delivered and the umbilical cord clamped and cut. There is no need for early clamping, and your partner can still cut your baby’s umbilical cord.

Our Collection Kit contains everything required to collect your baby’s cord blood and cord tissue. Using simple instructions, your midwife, doctor or phlebotomist will collect, label and package your samples ready for transportation to our laboratory.

A sample of your blood (the maternal blood sample) is also required and can be collected before or after your baby has been born. It is a legal requirement in the UK that we check for certain viruses.

Your birthing partner can then call us (if they didn’t contact us when labour began) and we will arrange for a specialist courier to collect the Collection Kit from you. The courier will deliver the kit to our laboratories for processing and storage.

Read on to find out how your baby’s stem cells are assessed, processed and stored. Or,

Start the Process

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