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A little boy with an extremely rare condition is in desperate need of a transplant to save his life.
Finn McEwen, seven, from Litherland has bone marrow failure and now his family are facing a race against time to find a stem cell match.
His condition, myelodysplastic syndrome, is extremely rare in children and cannot be treated with chemotherapy, so a transplant is Finn’s only hope.
His family, including dad Neil, 46, baby sister Seren, 18 months, and brother Lucas, 6, have all been ruled out as matches and Finn needs to have the transplant within the next six to eight weeks to have the best chance of recovery.
The family had to endure weeks of waiting after Finn suffered a serious nosebleed in January before doctors could find out what was wrong with him, as it is extremely difficult to diagnose. A transplant is the only cure for the condition, which is caused by bone marrow not making enough healthy red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Finn’s levels of all three are already extremely low, and doctors are concerned that he could develop leukaemia.
To see if you are a match for Finn, join the bone marrow registry at or
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