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The family of a man from Langley who desperately needed a matching blood cell donor have spoken out about their joy of a donor being found.

Raj Bhuller, from Langley, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia, a form of blood cancer, on Christmas Eve and has remained at Wexham Park Hospital since.

The 53-year-old father of two needed a blood stem cell donation after months of campaigning by his family and Delete Blood Cancer UK, will now receive blood stem cells from the matching donor in the next few weeks.

Raj finding a match is in stark contrast to others who are struggling to find a donor but we all need to keep our efforts up and remain positive. We can’t let people feel like they are alone on their journey. As a family we were all motivated by the idea that it only seems impossible until it is done.

As a result of the four month campaign, thousands of people registering as potential blood stem cell donors in response to it, especially those with a South Asian background.

“It is wonderful that a matching donor has been found for Raj but it is important to remember that this match has only taken place because someone took the few minutes to register as a potential blood stem cell donor,” said Deirdra Taylor, director of communications and external relations at Delete Blood Cancer UK.

“That is why it is crucial that more people register, and as those in need of blood stem cell donation are most likely to find a matching donor from a similar ethnic background, it is vital that a diverse range of people register.”

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