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The research, which was published in the international journal, Stem Cells, is expected to eventually lead to new treatments for transplant patients.

Kisha Sivanathan, a PhD student in the University of Adelaide’s School of Medicine and the Renal Transplant Unit at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, says this is an exciting breakthrough in stem cell research.

“Adult mesenchymal stem cells, which can be obtained from many tissues in the body including bone marrow, are fascinating scientists around the world because of their therapeutic nature and ability to cultivate quickly. These stem cells have been used for the treatment of many inflammatory diseases but we are always looking for ways in which to increase stem cells’ potency,” says Ms Sivanathan, lead author on the study.

Stem cell therapy is showing promising signs for transplant patients and according to Ms Sivanathan, the IL-17 treated stem cells should be even more effective at preventing and treating inflammation in transplant recipients — particularly controlling rejection in transplant patients.

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