Stem cell treatments for Osteoporosis

Naturally, we hope no family will ever need to use their child's stem cells. But sometimes they do. That's why we make sure every collection in our care is treated with exceptional attention to detail. We want to give families the best possible chance of a healthy future.
Kate Sneddon
Biovault CEO & Microbiologist

Stem cell treatments for osteoporosis and complex bone injuries are an exciting alternative to surgery. The current treatment, whereby doctors remove bone from a healthy part of the patient’s body and transplant it in the damaged site, is not only painful but can result in secondary infection and long recovery times.

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Cord blood processing and storage for families. Choose a 25 year storage period, annual storage and reduced fees for twins.

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Cord blood and tissue storage for families wishing to store stem cell-rich umbilical tissue as well as cord blood.