Common athlete’s foot cream ‘could reverse multiple sclerosis’

US researchers found that the drug miconazole instructs stem cells in the brain to repair the nerve damage of MS.

A common athlete’s foot cream sold over the counter at most chemists could cure multiple sclerosis, scientists believe.

In what was described as a ‘paradigm shift’ in treating the debilitating condition, researchers found that the drug miconazole – the active ingredient in Daktarin – instructs stem cells in the brain to repair nerve damage.

A team at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio have been testing more than 700 drugs to see if anyone would be useful against multiple sclerosis.

Around 100,000 people in Britain suffer from MS and there is currently no cure. The disorder occurs when myelin, the fatty material which protects nerves is damaged, exposing the nerves and causing signalling problems between the brain and muscles.

It can lead to vision loss, fatigue, numbness and paralysis.

But the athlete’s foot drug and a cream used to treat eczema were found to stimulate the regeneration of damaged brain cells. To read more click here.

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