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Meet the cord blood hero raising money for Jeans for Genes Day

After a devastating journey, Charlie’s mum describes how it felt to find out that her son may have leukaemia, only to discover he had a far more rare condition. Fanconi’s anaemia has only one cure – stem cells, without which her son would die. Mercifully, Charlie was treated with umbilical cord blood stem cells donated […]

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How can stem cells improve Michael Schumacher’s condition?

Nearly six years after Michael Schumacher had the skiing accident that changed his life, stem cells could be used to treat the F1 champion’s brain injuries. According to quotes in Le Parisien, a member of staff at a Paris hospital treating the Formula 1 legend said he is awake after six years in a coma. Schumacher […]

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Bioprinted living tissues could transform treatment

Scientists have already ‘printed’ heart-like valves and a femur from stem cells like those in the umbilical cord. So, what’s next for patients? Bioprinting is an exciting research area with potential for repairing injuries, and even replacing whole organs affected by damage or disease. The technology is limited in complexity, viability and speed at the moment but […]

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Is cord blood banking worth the cost?

Cord blood banking has become an important part of birth planning. There are now over 4 million cord blood samples held in storage in 500 cord blood banks across the world, and these are increasing by 250,000 a year. But why are parents choosing to pay thousands of pounds to store their child’s umbilical cord blood […]

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Pioneering stem cell therapy enables paralysed car accident survivor to move again

What happened to 21-year-old Kris Boesen from Bakersfield, California was every parent’s worst nightmare. On March 6th, Kris’s car slid on a wet road. He struck a tree and then slammed into a telephone pole. The car accident left him facing paralysis until news of a clinical trial using stem cells like those in the […]

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Little ‘rockstar’ Alex doing well ahead of cord blood transplant for Hunter’s Syndrome

Alex’s parents have moved heaven and earth to give their son a chance to beat the rare life-limiting condition he was born with. We will most likely lose our beloved little Alex while he is still young. The typical life expectancy for those with Hunter Syndrome is between 10 and 20 years. He is already […]

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Biovault Family Takes Part in Next-Generation Cerebral Palsy Treatment

Naturally, we hope no family will ever need to use their child’s stem cells. But sometimes they do. That’s why we make sure every collection in our care is treated with exceptional attention to detail. We want to give families the best possible chance of a healthy future. Kate Sneddon, Biovault CEO and microbiologist In […]

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Stem cells prove more than a match for tennis injuries

When the balls are flying at up to 230km per hour, it’s easy to get injured and for pros like Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray, serious injuries can spell the end of careers and lifelong dreams. ? That’s why these Wimbledon stars use stem cell therapies. Stem cells like those found in umbilical cord tissue […]

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Can umbilical stem cells treat rheumatoid arthritis?

Do you know someone who is pregnant right now? Do you know anyone who has rheumatoid arthritis? I do. Actually, in my case, they’re the same person. Beccy and I grew up together. We were in the same class until we were 16 years old. We were both in the choir, though she was the […]

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