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What will you do with the afterbirth? Bin, Bank, Donate or Sell?

You’re likely to start hearing this question more often. As the UK wakes up to the fact that umbilical cord blood and tissue contain billions of life-giving stem cells, expectant parents have yet another decision to make, and this one might be the most important of them all.

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Cord blood banking matters to me: Lauren, Jamaine and Elijah

When we first met Lauren in 2018, Elijah was three. He liked dens, jigsaws and PAW Patrol. He was also 1 of the 95 children to be diagnosed with Neuroblastoma each year in the UK and 1 in 10 million to suffer from OMS (‘Dancing Eye Syndrome’). After five rounds of chemotherapy and harrowing surgical experiences, […]

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Baby born with heart defect treated with cord blood stem cells

Baby Ryals was diagnosed with a rare genetic heart condition whilst he was still in the womb. Hypoplastic left heart syndrome is a rare and complex form of congenital heart disease in which the left side of a child’s heart is severely underdeveloped. The prognosis for Ryals at birth was deeply worrying, and the baby’s […]

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Founder of UEA Genetic Disease Association encourages families to bank cord blood

You may not have heard of Dr Maryam Matar,  Founder of the United Arab Emirates (UEA) Genetic Disease Association (GDA), but her achievement in genetic science is quite breathtaking. A pioneer in the field of genetic disorder studies, Dr Matar is also a multi-award winning geneticist and businesswoman; a former Undersecretary to the Emirati Minister […]

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Cord blood successfully expanded in groundbreaking cancer trial

Cord blood and its healing potential have been dramatically expanded by researchers in Canada. Stem cells collected from the umbilical cord and placenta are younger, healthier and more flexible than those sourced from bone marrow or peripheral blood. So naturally, these are these cells are favoured by doctors; cord blood transplants are more likely to be accepted […]

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Stem cells for cerebral palsy

When you store stem cells, it’s like carrying an umbrella on a day that starts out fine. You don’t think you’ll need it, you hope you won’t need it, but there’s no predicting some rain showers. Save the Cord Foundation was established to help parents to prepare for those unexpected bad spells that life can […]

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Poldark: Would Stem Cells Help Baby Sarah Survive Her Heart Condition Today?

As Poldark fans mourn the end of an era, we celebrate the cord blood therapy and stem cells that could have changed everything for Dwight and Caroline Which is worse, burying a child, or leaving one behind? (Poldark S5.1) Caroline asks Demelza this agonising question as she lays flowers on her daughter’s grave. Close by […]

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Cord blood transplant saves young life from TPI, a rare form of anaemia

“Honestly, when Wyatt was born, we didn’t know if he would live four days,” Wyatt’s mum, Amanda Hanley, told the Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas where her son was treated, “and now he’s 4 years old,” The world’s rarest illness? Wyatt was born fighting for his life due to a rare blood disorder called TPI, or […]

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Child safety and risky play

Child safety: a tricky balance Second only to cancer, accidental injuries are one of the UK’s biggest threats to children’s lives. “Accidents can be prevented” is the message of the organisers of this week’s Child Safety Week, “but there’s a balance to be struck. Children need to experiment, play and take risks.”(1) In fact there is […]

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