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Chronic wounds healed by umbilical cord stem cells

We might soon change the way we think about wounds and the way they heal, thanks to research using umbilical cord stem cells to treat chronic wounds. Umbilical cord blood banking is by now a familiar option for new parents wishing to protect their family against diseases such as leukaemia, sickle cell and lymphoma. Cord blood […]

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Childhood Memories, Shared by Biovault Family Readers

We have been totally overwhelmed by the positive response to our competition to win one of ten pairs of tickets to The Baby Show this May 2018 at Birmingham’s NEC and are thrilled to have the Biovault Bear announce the winners on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram today. Hundreds of you have put your hands up […]

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What Can Cord Blood Do?

Cord blood is special. It turns our babies into lifesavers and empowers families to fight disease. No wonder she looks so relaxed! Cord blood is a rich source of haematopoietic stem cells (HSCs). HSCs are routinely used by the NHS to treat diseases of the blood and immune systems, like leukaemia and neuroblastoma. HSCs can cure […]

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What Can Cord Blood Be Used For?

What can cord blood be used for? This is a great question and certainly not a new one. The healing power of cord blood has been recognised for centuries by cultures around the world. The potency of the idea that cord blood can regenerate and repair   comes from the symbolic value of cord blood […]

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apartim autism

Four-year-old Apartim is part of an exciting Autism study using his own umbilical cord blood stem cells to enhance his communication. Apartim’s father said, “we are seeing great progress in terms of development #milestones in my son.” Image:

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Stem Cells and Dystonia: Michaela’s Story

“Look at me!” says 11-year-old Michaela, “I can walk now!” Michaela Sky Rodrigues is an exceptional girl with exceptional parents. Michaela refused to accept the bleak outlook doctors described for her whilst suffering from secondary dystonia. She travelled with her family from her home in Australia to China for a series of pioneering umbilical cord […]

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Haemophilia and stem cells

Umbilical cord blood has been used to diagnose haemophilia in newborn babies for years. (1) Now scientists are developing a treatment for the blood disorder using stem cells found in the umbilical cord itself. What is haemophilia? Haemophilia is a life-long, hereditary blood disorder in which bleeding lasts longer than normal. Due to a recessive […]

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Siblings Day Success Stories: Stem Cells Saved My Life

Siblings Day isn’t really recognised in the UK, even though our relationships with our brothers and sisters are likely to be the most enduring of our lives. We all owe our lives to our parents, but thanks to cord blood storage, many healthy children and adults now also owe their lives to their siblings. This year, […]

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Early menopause reversed in umbilical stem cell study

If you’ve ever searched for early menopause or premature ovarian failure (POF) online you’ll have discovered a fairly bleak prognosis: “Currently no fertility treatment has officially been found to effectively increase fertility in women with POF,” states Wikipedia, “and the use of donor eggs with in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and adoption are popular as a means of achieving parenthood for […]

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