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Some babies sleep in cars, but is it safe?

Is it ok for my baby to sleep in the car? It’s a common question, and an important once since so many parents find the best way to get their baby to sleep is safely strap them into a baby seat then go for a drive. Something about the engine and the gentle vibrations sends […]

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How do we collect your baby’s stem cells at birth?

Are you thinking about banking your new born baby’s umbilical cord blood? Let’s take a look at how stem cells are harvested from cord blood. This is your umbilical cord blood storage guide.  How are stem cells collected at birth? Cord blood stem cells are collected at birth. While it only takes a few minutes […]

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More and more parents are storing cord blood and tissue including Biovault Family team members

Biovault Family was thrilled to recently welcome Lyra Lily Pope, the granddaughter of Nikki Driver who has been a sales advisor for Biovault Family since 2015. Nikki’s daughter Megan decided to store her daughter’s cord blood with Biovault Family. Delighted to welcome the first Biovault Family granddaughter Lyra is the first baby related to a […]

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Postpartum workout you do with your baby

Looking for postpartum workout ideas? A new scientific study, the first of its kind, reveals how getting back into shape after having a baby is hard, even for women who were unusually fit and strong before their pregnancy. It’s actually good news, since it shows everyone finds it a challenge. It isn’t your fault if […]

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The best games to play with your baby

It’s such fun. It’s all about giggles, gurgles, and laughter. So why is playing games with your baby so good for them and what are the best games to play with your baby? When you’re a newborn everything about the world is fresh and exciting. The smallest, simplest thing is absolutely fascinating, and it’s a […]

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Meet us at The Baby Show, Olympia London, 22-24 Oct 2021

We can’t wait to meet at The Baby Show 2021! This year Biovault will be attending the Baby Show in London. We are looking forward to seeing you there and we are celebrating with great ticket offers and a competition! Win Free Tickets! There are 50 free tickets up for grabs for expecting parents to […]

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What to put in a baby bag? Your essential guide 

You’re expecting a baby, the big day is approaching fast, and you’re wondering what to put in your baby bag ready for hospital. If you’re planning a home birth it’s just as important to have a baby bag handy just in case you need to go to hospital after all. While it’s tempting to cram […]

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Let’s celebrate – How to plan the perfect baby shower!  

Did you know as many as half of all UK mums-to-be plan a baby shower? The trend kicked off in the USA, now it’s well and truly bedded in over here, too. Traditionally an event where women shared their pregnancy and childbirth wisdom with female friends and family, today’s baby showers are less earnest, more […]

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Our Biovault Family

Nothing is more important than your baby’s health. That’s why more and more people are signing up with Biovault Family to protect their baby’s precious umbilical cord blood. Can you imagine how powerless you feel when your child or another family member is ill or injured, but you can’t help? Now imagine you can help, […]

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