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UC Berkeley research spurs hope for those with bone deformities

Creating hope for those with bone deformities, UC Berkeley professor Michael Rape and his laboratory team discovered a link between stem cell and calcium development in bone formation and growth in findings published Thursday in the journal Cell. With help from Nobel Prize-winning UC Berkeley professor Randy Schekman’s lab, Rape found the protein interaction that changes stem cells […]

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Cord transplant saves baby boy

A 7-MONTH-OLD boy received an umbilical cord blood transplant for a rare genetic deficiency at a Shanghai hospital yesterday. Doctors said it was the first case in China to be treated this way. They said the boy suffered from leukocyte adhesion deficiency, a rare disorder which leads to low immunity and recurrent infections. He was […]

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Stem cells magnet discovery could help heal bones, say scientists

Tiny bundles of stem cells built in the laboratory using microscopic magnets could pave the way to revolutionary treatments for repairing bone, cartilage, ligaments and tendons. The technique, developed by British scientists, overcomes one of the main obstacles to unlocking the huge medical potential of mesenchymal stem cells. Naturally found in the bone marrow, the […]

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Cord Blood Transplants Beneficial When Matched Donors Cannot Be Found

The majority of patients in need of allogeneic hematopoietic cell-transplants do not have HLA-matched donors available. Researchers recently performed a retrospective study including 582 patients with acute myeloid or lymphoid leukemia or myelodysplastic syndrome in need of hematopoietic cell-transplants. HLA-matched unrelated donors were found for 344 patients; 98 patients received a transplant from an HLA-mismatched […]

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Thalassemia patient cured by umbilical cord blood transplantation

TEHRAN, Aug. 16 (MNA) – Umbilical cord blood stem cells of a girl was used to treat his brother’s thalassemia. An Iranian younger sister’s umbilical cord blood stem cells which were stored in Royan Cord Blood Bank (RCBB) were used to save her 6-year-old brother suffering from thalassemia. The successful transplantation happened when the doctors […]

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Can stem cell therapy really treat multiple sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis (MS) sufferer Eric Thompson was able to rise from his wheelchair and walk just days after treatment with haematopoietic stem cells, according to a recent Daily Mail article. Unable to receive this aggressive treatment through the NHS, Thompson and his family raised £40,000 to undergo the treatment in Mexico. The treatment Thompson received is called […]

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Adult Stem Cell Therapy at the Lung Institute Helps Pulmonary Fibrosis Patient

Joseph O. visited the Lung Institute in Tampa, Fla., to receive adult stem cell therapy for pulmonary fibrosis in March of 2015, and his results surprised his pulmonologist. When pulmonary fibrosis made Joseph’s life a daily struggle, he knew he had to find another treatment option. On oxygen 24/7, walking up a flight of stairs was a […]

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Mother of two Nikki Tatum will travel to Russia alone in hope of a miracle

MULTIPLE sclerosis patient Nikki Tatum is so desperate to ensure a bright future for her two daughters she is travelling alone to Russia in the hope of a cure. The 33-year-old has refused to accept doctors’ prognosis that she may become blind and be confined to a wheelchair. So she has pinned her hopes on […]

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Heat-responsive bandage helps heal diabetic wounds

Over the years, scientists have come up with bandages to detect bedsores before they appear, paint-on bandages that tell doctors how the healing process is coming along, and dressings that change colour when an infection is present. Now, a team of researchers from Northwestern University has created a stem cell-attracting bandage with a single purpose in mind – giving the […]

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