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20 Common Cord Blood Misunderstandings

Cord Blood Myths & Facts by the Cord Blood Association counters conjecture with the evidence that could save lives ‘Cord Blood Myths and Facts’ by the Cord Blood Association (CBA) offers a useful guide to the accuracy of popularly held views about cord blood banking. Through their piece, the CBA hopes to counter some of […]

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What is the difference between a private and public cord blood bank?

Parents can choose to store their child’s cord blood and tissue privately or donate it to a public bank. What’s best for your family? Private cord blood banks store the umbilical cord blood for the donor’s own use. This provides the benefit of being a 100% genetic match for the donor, and a much better […]

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What if my midwife refuses to collect cord blood?

Cord blood and tissue collection is less common in the UK than in other parts of the world and not all midwifes are trained in the process If your midwife would like advice or support in collecting your baby’s cord blood or tissue, we are only too happy to speak to them in person and […]

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Does Biovault Family store whole blood?

Whole cord blood, reduced volume cord blood and what the science says Biovault Family does not store whole blood. Instead we volume reduce every cord blood sample in our care. Freezing whole blood is a cheaper and simpler option for private cord blood banks when it comes to processing umbilical cord samples for stem cell […]

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Placenta banking services should be viewed with caution

There is very little scientific evidence for the value of banking placenta cells clinically. Biovault is always excited about developments in tissue and cell banking and we keep a close eye on innovation within our Industry. However, in line with our ethical and cautious approach, fostered through our long working relationship with the NHS we […]

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Unique Aspects of Cord Blood Banking in the UK

Since the inception of umbilical cord blood stem cell cryopreservation in the 1990s, the number of public and privately banked units worldwide has grown to more than 800,0001 and 7 million2 respectively.   This new field of medicine has blossomed since the world’s first cord blood transplant took place in 1988, using sibling donor stem […]

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Stem cells used to treat leukaemia in toddler Arlo

Stem cell donation is vital Toddler Arlo Brown was diagnosed with the rare blood cancer myelomonocytic leukaemia in April. Seriously ill, he underwent a stem cell transplant in August. He is still very poorly but according to recent newspaper reports, is showing signs of recovery, although he relies on regular blood transfusions and a tube […]

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Your baby’s cord blood is amazing

Why you should consider banking your baby’s cord blood Cord blood is the leftover blood in the umbilical cord after birth, and cord tissue is the cord itself. Both contain powerful stem cells that could be used to potentially treat a variety of medical conditions. Cord blood is rich in stem cells that can morph […]

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COVID-19 and pregnancy – an update from the 2020 Cord Blood Connect

Research suggests that COVID-19 is not present in birthing tissues collected at the time of birth. Welcome to our Friday update where we have news from the recent 2020 Cord Blood Connect attended by Biovault Family’s CEO Kate Sneddon. Usually an annual conference held in Miami, this year’s event moved to a virtual platform allowing […]

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