Louise Roe chooses Plymouth’s Biovault Family to bank her baby’s stem cells

Plymouth-based Biovault Family is delighted to announce fashion stylist and presenter Louise Roe will be using its services to bank her new born baby’s stem cells.

The influencer, who has more than 662k followers on Instagram, is expecting her second child with husband Mackenzie this May.

Who are Biovault Family?

Biovault Family offers personalised cord blood and tissue processing and storage services. This is for parents who wish to bank their babies’ umbilical cord blood because it is rich in stem cells. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to collect these precious cells. These have the ability to change into many different cell types such as blood, bone, tissue and organ cells.

There are also more than 80 conditions that can be treated using umbilical cord stem cells including leukaemia, cerebral palsy and thalassaemia. Your baby’s stem cells can also potentially match and treat their siblings or parents if required.

Why Louise chose to bank her baby’s stem cells

Louise said: “We did it for Honor, who was born in the US, where it’s a more common thing to do. Touch wood you never need it. But if anything can help a future illness then in my opinion it’s so worth doing.

“I think every parent would put their child’s health above anything else in the world. Arming yourself with knowledge about cord blood banking could potentially be a very important part of that.”

She added: “My initial phone consultation did make me laugh. She asked if I was moving house or renovating before the birth. I answered, ‘both’ and asked ‘why?’ – Apparently these are a top two reasons to give birth early, so we will see!”  

A little more about Biovault Family

Biovault are based in Plymouth’s International Medical and Technology Park beside its partners at Derriford Teaching Hospital. They have led the way in human tissue processing and storage since 2004. It provides provides both tissue and cellular processing and storage to the NHS and to strategic private partners around the world. The tissue, primarily bone and tendons, is provided for the treatment of injuries in both NHS and private hospitals. The cellular therapies, including blood and marrow products, are provided both to the NHS to treat blood cancers and privately stored for individual use in the future.

The company’s CEO Kate Sneddon said: “We are delighted that Louise has chosen Biovault Family to bank her baby’s cord blood. The value of cord blood banking is well known in other parts of the world. In the UK, however, it is still relatively unknown. Louise is a brilliant influencer via her social media channels. It is really great that she wants to help us spread the word about cord blood banking and its value today in treating a range of conditions.”

stem cell preservation

BSc (Hons) Microbiology

Chief Executive Officer | Biovault Family

Biovault Family CEO, Kate Sneddon, joined Biovault in July 2009 and became Chief Executive Officer in 2016. As health industry professional her experience includes working as a microbiologist and leader at GSK for over 10 years. Her expertise in cord blood banking has been recognised in her awards, features in Parliamentary Review and Parents Guide to Cord Blood, as well as contributions to research with UCL and others.

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