Louise Roe on why she chose Biovault Family to bank her daughter’s umbilical cord blood

Louise Roe, a television presenter, model fashion, journalist and influencer, chose to bank her baby daughter Inès’ umbilical cord blood with Biovault Family in May, 2021.

Louise is married to Mackenzie Hunkin and the couple have another daughter Honor who was born in 2018. We caught up with Louise to ask her about her experience banking her baby’s cord blood.

My family and I decided to bank our newborn daughter’s stem cells using Biovault Family, after having a long chat with them over the phone. They’re the only place in the UK that has their own storage facility and an insurance policy that means should anything happen to the company, our baby’s cells will still be looked after for 50 years. The diseases this can help treat and cure are very wide-spanning and the list is growing. I do feel a huge sense of security knowing we have invested in our baby’s health and future.

Louise Roe

What was your experience like of umbilical cord blood banking with Biovault Family?

Really slick and organised. From start to finish everything was explained in such detail, and my husband had his list of things to do one on the night I gave birth – so all went to plan like clockwork.

How did you feel when your cord blood banking kit arrived? 

Actually, we felt huge relief that we had invested in our daughter and her health in the biggest way possible.

Did it all go smoothly with the phlebotomist?

Absolutely – they know what they are doing! She asked for the midwife to take my blood because of the Covid restrictions and waited outside to pick everything up on time.

The stem cells in cord blood can currently be used to treat more than 80 diseases. How important do you think it is to spread the word about the importance of cord blood banking?

Cold blood cells have the ability to be life-changing and life-saving, with more and more discoveries being made each year. This was a very important thing for us to do as a family.

What would you say to anyone who has never heard about stem cell banking?

It’s worth listening to or reading more about what it can do in terms of your baby’s future health, but also for other family members, who can often be helped by the same cells too.

What can we do to help more people become aware of the importance of banking cord blood?

Well, I’ve talked about it at length on my social media, so that’s a start!

What has your experience been like with Biovault Family?

Excellent – they really do care! My first chat with Joanna on the team was really comprehensive, she explained everything in fantastic detail and walked me through the process.

What would be your advice for any parents looking to bank their babys cord blood?

Do as much research as you can. It’s not cheap, that’s for sure, but for us it was very much a priority and investment for the future.

Did the process work as you expected it to? Was it easy?

Maybe ask my husband – ha! He was the one who made the call en route to the hospital and yes, it all ran smoothly.

Would you recommend this service?


Is there anything else you wish to add?

Thank you to all the lovely team!

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