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Expecting a baby

When you hear that fantastic news that you are expecting a baby there often is that thoughts about what should you sort while you are pregnant.

Should you start looking for a pram or paint for the nursery? Do you need to buy nappies or make a doctor’s appointment? There are so many things to think about that using a checklist could be useful.

Expecting A Baby

For mums it can be a straight forward process, especially if you have had a child before. You may have the pushchair, the bath, the wipes and some tiny nappies already. To double check you could visit the the Emma’s Diary website where they have a really good newborn shopping list.

As you get closer to your due date you will also need to prepare for the birth – what to have with you when you go into labour. If you are heading to the maternity wing of your local hospital then you’ll need to prepare a hospital bag. Boots have a useful guide for the essentials you might need in hospital, for giving birth and bringing home the baby.

Don’t worry if you forget something as you will probably get a bag of freebies at the hospital during your stay.

And don;t forget to take your Collection Kit!

You’ll also need plenty of sleeping suits, hats, mittens and booties/socks for the newborn baby as they do tend to go through them quite quickly!

These lists will hopefully be helpful to you and there are plenty of resources online to help when you are expecting a baby.  One to add to the list is don’t forget to involve the father – he may not seem like he wants to help but I’m sure he does!  He will feel like a spare part during the pregnancy and especially at the birth but trips to the supermarket or contributing to the discussion on which pushchair would be best will certainly make him feel part of the team!

[responsive]Happy healthy family

Have a happy healthy family[/responsive]

Enjoy your pregnancy – those 9 months will go by very quickly indeed!