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Home birth or hospital birth for mother and baby

It’s not unusual but often a home birth isn’t the most popular when planning  your birth with the majority deciding on a hospital maternity ward. You might think it sounds a little scary but back in the 1960s a third of women had their babies at home.

You can find plenty of information regarding any questions you might have about the risks of a home birth compared to going to your local hospital.

Home Birth

I was chief tea and coffee maker for the arrival of two of our children at home and, from the kitchen, it seemed very easy.  Once the two midwives had arrived they put us both at ease and told us not to worry as they always have an ambulance available if a transfer to hospital was required.

When planning where to have your birth there are various things to consider including what would happen if there were complications and taking into consideration what your midwife recommends.

Planning a home birth
Planning a home birth

The home birth is becoming the trendy thing in some areas. Across the Atlantic in New York home births have increased by over 70%. But it shouldn’t been seen as trendy – for low risk pregnant women it can be safer, easier and a far more relaxing experience.

Along with speaking to those that have had home births take a look at the things you need to consider. You can find some good reading on  the NHS website – Where to give birth and Birth at home or hospital.

The BBC reported on the fact that research in the British Medical Journal showed that complications were less common for home births than planned hospital births. This was especially true for second time mother.

There are other options – midwife-led units and birth centres. These, along with a home or maternity ward birth are covered with some very useful information on the Mumsnet website.

Whatever you choose it will be the right birth for you.