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Useful tips and information to help you with new born baby

Having a baby can be a steep learning curve and although there is plenty of information around you may not have the time to search for tips and advice on all the things you want to know about. To help we will be regularly posting useful tips, information and links here on our website, on Twitter @Bivcaultfamily and on our Facebook page to help as much as we can.

Baby Tips

Here are a few tips and links regarding breastfeeding, bath time and what you really need to bay for your baby.

  • Recent research suggests that it is safer to bath your baby in plain water for at least the first four weeks of life. The TIPS® Babycare- back to basics™ leaflet provides the latest evidence-based advice for parents here.
  • Free downloadable fact sheets on breastfeeding, tongue-tie and baby-led weaning available here.
  • Confused about what you REALLY need to buy when you have a baby? Check out this parent inspired Baby Checklist here.
  • For the safest 100% natural latex ducks visit JustDucks.