Our Biovault Family

Here at Biovault Family, there's nothing we love more than receiving gorgeous baby photos from parents who have banked their cord blood with us.

By banking their baby's cord blood and / or cord tissue, parents are protecting their little ones against 80+ conditions and this list continues to grow.

Say hello to the beautiful little faces who have joined our Biovault Family in 2021 and 2022.


Baby Maria
Baby Niuniu
Baby Lily
Baby Finn
Baby Imogen Rose
Baby Alfie
Baby Harvey
Christian 2022
Tudor Andrei Baby


Baby Maya
Baby Evgenia
Baby Grace
Baby Giulio
Baby Josefine
Baby Laeth
Baby Nyla
Baby Natalie
Hector and Saoirse
Atlas Theodore
Baby Matthew
Baby Robi
Baby Mila
Baby Wesley
Baby Rebecca
Baby Winnie
Baby Lochlan
Baby Rex
Baby Sebastian
Baby Violet Grace

Please note: All the photos on these page have been sent to us with permission to use in marketing collateral by their parents. If your baby is on this page and you'd prefer us not to use their photo, please email hmcgrath@biovault.com with their name and we'll be happy to remove it from the website.