Price comparison

Don't be fooled by the discounts offered by others - you'll still pay more overall

At Biovault Family, we strive to be as transparent as possible when it comes to how much banking your baby's cord blood and cord tissue will cost.

Some banking companies will appear as if they are good value but you'll often end up paying more over time. We don't believe this is right. Their offers may seem cheaper, but when you look at them closely you'll find out not all is as it seems... There are often hidden costs.

See our comparison table below to discover why you should bank with Biovault Family.

Price comparison table - Full price

The below tables show the costs in total for ourselves and the other three banking companies in the UK.

At Biovault Family, the cost you see is the cost you pay! Our 25 or 50 year packages come with no annual storage fees, meaning that there is nothing additional for you to pay.

Cord Blood Only

Cord Blood

Cord Blood and Cord Tissue

Cord blood and cord tissue costs

What do you mean 'hidden costs'?

Here's an offer example from one of our UK competitors.

'Save £950 off our Cord Blood and Cord Tissue package'.

This package usually costs £2,090. With the £950 discount you receive, this makes it £1,140.

What they don't tell you is this also comes with an extra £2,500 annual storage fee (at £100 per annum for 25 years) - something we don't charge for on our 25 or 50 year packages.

This means you end up paying a total of £3,640 across the 25 years.

How does this compare with our costs? Our package for 25 years is £2,650 and that's it!

Why choose Biovault Family?

Not only do we not charge annual storage fees, we also offer a 0% payment plan from 3 months - 24 months to best suit you, subject to credit and package selected.

We also have two new offers available :

  • Early Bird - If you're six months pregnant or more, you can benefit from our Early Bird offer - Pay just £100 deposit and then £100 a month for 23 months from your sign up date for our Family Plus package for 25 years.
  • Family Plus Assist Package - To make Cord Blood Banking more affordable, we are offering our Family Plus Assist package at just £695 instead of the usual £996. This includes a phlebotomist service worth £300!