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    Biovault Family offers personalised cord blood processing and storage, with an additional phlebotomist service available should you require it. We are committed to doing everything we possibly can to help the parents who bank with us, whatever the future holds.

    For Non-Identical twins Biovault Family offers a 25% discount off the total price.
Family Service Cord Blood

Convenient collection

Collect from the comfort of your

own home,  birthing centre or

hospital in only a few minutes.

on target dependable

Results you can trust

Your cells are analysed,

processed and stored in our

highly accredited laboratory.

Advice based on science

Personalised advice based on

your family’s needs and

recommendations you can action.

Why use this service?

We understand how important it is that you are able to trust your cord blood bank throughout your pregnancy, birth and as you begin life with your new family.

As the only UK bank working in partnership with NHS hospitals and active programs of clinical research, we also understand that when stem cells are needed for treatment, it is crucial that your storage bank has the experience and resources required to release your cells quickly and safely.

At Biovault Family we are committed to doing everything possible to help the parents who count on us. Cord blood stem cells are an insurance policy we hope you’ll never need, but if the worst happens our extensive experience means that your cells are in safe hands.


When parents choose to bank with us they can choose a fully inclusive package where their cell storage is guaranteed for 25 years. This promise is unique in the UK and is underpinned by two financial principles:

  1. All-inclusive services. Full client support throughout your chosen storage period with no hidden costs and no annual fees.
  2. Financial security. Your storage fees are secured in an independent escrow account, a proportion of which is paid to us each year for 12 months’ storage. If anything happens to our business, your fees and cells are safe.
on target dependable


Our service includes full, unlimited client support. Our advisors work closely with our stem cell scientists and can give reliable advice and, if medically required, take immediate steps to safeguard your family’s health.

When your cells have been successfully processed and stored, and our highly qualified stem cell scientists are satisfied that your cells are healthy and therapeutically viable, we will send you a storage certificate as additional assurance that your cells are in safe hands.

inexpensive cord blood banking


Human stem cell storage isn’t cheap, and nor should it be. From the design of your collection kit and testing of your unique cells to the cryogenic storage of every sample in our care, every step is executed with precision by specially trained scientists. We know that lives depend on our work.

But we also know there are many financial pressures when you start a family, and do everything that we can to make our service affordable to as many families as possible. 

We offer 0% Finance for 12 months without administration fees, a 25% total fee reduction if you are expecting twins and refer a friend, an annual storage option and price beat offers (see below).

How it works


Order your kit

Choose your product, order online and create your account with some basic information. We’ll be glad to help with any questions. Your kit will then arrive within 3 days. Express shipping is available.


Welcome new life

Contact us when you go into labour. Your kit contains everything needed for your cord blood and/or tissue collection. We organise your courier so you can focus on your new baby.


Protect your future

We’ll let you know your stem cell count and viability before storing your samples for your chosen period. Stay up-to-date with stem cells news of our website and if you ever need us, don’t hesitate to call.

A tailored service


Your birth plan

Birth plans are unaffected by cord blood collection. Your partner can still cut the umbilical cord and the cord does not need to be clamped early.


Your cells

Cord blood stem cells can be used to treat compatible family members, as well as the child whose cord provided the sample.


Your care

The procedure poses no risk to mother or baby. It takes around 5 minutes to collect cord blood and the process is always secondary to the needs of mother and baby.


Your service

Your midwife, doctor or phlebotomist may collect your cord blood sample. Please let us know if you would like us to Biovault Family to organise this service.

Further Information

Our maximum storage period is based on clinical evidence. Cells of this type have been successfully stored for over 28 years. After 25 years, we will contact you to see if you wish to continue to store your cells.

We are required by UK regulations to test the mother’s blood for some infectious illnesses. Your Collection Kit contains the equipment needed for a small maternal blood sample to be taken at the time of birth.

Payment Terms

We collect the first payment before sending your collection kit to you by courier. This fee is non-refundable and includes delivery of your cord blood by courier to our laboratory. The remainder is only payable when your cells have been successfully processed and stored.

Peace of mind

Collected from the comfort of your home, birthing centre or hospital in only a few minutes, all our samples are analysed,
processed and stored by our
highly accredited laboratory. 

refer a friend

We are delighted that so many parents who bank cord blood and tissue with Biovault Family recommend us to their friends and family. As a small thank you we offer a 10% discount on our Family and Family Plus services to every friend that you recommend, and a £100 gift voucher to you.*

*Vouchers are issued when the final payment from your friend has been received.

£50 price beat guarantee

We want as many families as possible to be able to access life-giving cellular therapies. When times get tough, we know that our customers can depend on us to release healthy, viable cells. That’s why we offer a price beat of £50 on any written quotation from another UK stem cell company offering a like for like service.**

**Except in conjunction with other Biovault Family offers.

We take security very seriously and work hard to make sure you have complete control over your data

Protect your family’s future

Other products

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Cord blood and tissue storage for families wishing to store stem cell-rich umbilical tissue as well as cord blood.

StemCellCare 2 Years Complimentary Insurance Plan

A bespoke insurance plan to protect your family from the financial cost of overseas Cord blood stem-cell therapies.