Convenient collection

Collect from the comfort of your

home or hospital in only a few

minutes with the help of a

phleobologist if needed.

Results you can trust

All our samples are analysed,

processed and stored by our

accredited lab. We’ve collected over

50,000 samples.

Advice based on science

Personalised advice based on your

needs along with recommendations

you can action. Easily track science


  • Full client support & administration fees
  • Cord blood & tissue collection kit
  • Courier service
  • Cord blood & tissue processing
  • Up to 25 year cryogenic storage*
  • Cord Blood & Tissue Sterility testing
  • Cord Blood Total Nucleated Cell count
  • Full Cd34 + haematopoietic stem cell count
  • Cord Blood CD34+ cell viability
  • Maternal Blood Infectious Disease testing**
  • Storage certificate