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Guide to Cord Blood Banking

Very few people know that when parents give birth, they have the option to collect the cord blood left in the placenta and the newborn baby’s cord tissue. The stem cells found in this blood and tissues are rich in potentially lifesaving stem cells which can treat over 80 conditions.

Want to find out the cost? You can find that on our Pricing page. If you're interested in Cord Tissue banking only, please speak to the team for a bespoke cost.

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Guide to Cord Blood Banking

Download your free guide to Biovault Family's cord blood banking services.

Our hope is that the information in this brochure will empower you as you weigh-up your cord blood and tissue storage options and prepare for your family’s healthy future.

The stem cells in your baby’s umbilical cord have an extraordinary power to heal. When lives are touched by disease or injury these parent cells can restore health. We are passionate and rigorous in our protection of the cells in our care because we know they save lives.